Research Communications


Communicating research for evidence-based policymaking
- a practical guide for researchers in socio-economic sciences and humanities

2010 - European Commission

This guidebook, developed in close coordination with the EC, is being used as a reference work for SSH* coordinators to plan and implement policy-relevant dissemination activities.

Policy Snapshots

A Flash-IT project publication series

Thematically focused syntheses of findings emerging from EU-funded SSH research projects. Each edition relates SSH research results to a Europe 2020 policy priority.  

Topics to date:

  • Inclusive Growth - Social Inequalities
  • Inclusive Growth - Social Innovation
  • The EU in the World: Global Engagement & Governance
  • Inclusive Growth - Employment
  • Nexus between energy, environment, transport & land use - Sustainable Growth
  • Promoting Peace and Security - The EU in the World
  • Demography and Ageing - Inclusive Growth
  • Intangible Assets and Indicators - Smart Growth


Policy Research Alerts
A Flash-IT project publication series

One-page news items (similar to a press release) highlighting policy-relevant developments in EU-funded SSH research projects.

Topics to date.

  • Transatlantic Elites
  • Museums and Migration
  • Sustainable Societies
  • Social Innovation
  • Welfare, Wealth and Work
  • Religion and Law
  • European Transnationalism
  • Media Freedom and Accountability
  • EU Citizenship
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Educational Decision-making
  • Internet Privacy
  • Regional Cohesian
  • Health Systems in Central & Eastern Europe
  • Employment & Quality of Life
  • Labour Policy Development
  • Cultural Diversity 
  • Poverty Assessment
  • Intangible Assets


Policy Briefs

I have written or edited dozens of evidence-based policy briefs for research initiatives. I have also taught masterclasses on the subject and advised the European Commission on the development of its SSH policy brief series.

* socio-economic sciences and humanities

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