Providing insight on stories that matter. Asking the right questions. Facilitating thoughtful discussion.

That’s what I do as a television news anchor. I have been covering international news for Germany’s foreign broadcasting service Deutsche Welle (DW News) since 1992. I have also worked as anchor for CNN International

Live reporting and analysis

As a live reporter and political analyst I have covered the gamut of major news stories in reunified Germany and kept track of cultural developments along the way. I chronicled the process of German reunification and witnessed the EU’s eastward enlargement, experiencing critical phases of European political and economic history. I've provided analysis (mainly live) of national and European elections under three German chancellors, interviewed an array of international political leaders and attended key EU and global summits.

Memorable field assignments (selected)

 2015 - V-E Day commemoration ceremonies, Berlin DE
 2014 - CDU party national convention, Cologne, DE 
 2014 - World War II remembrance ceremonies, Gdansk, PL
 2013 - German national elections, DE
 2013 - US President Barack Obama’s commemorative address in Berlin, DE
 2012 - Green Party and SPD national conventions, Hanover, DE
 2011 - G8 summit, Deauville, FR
• 2010 - German presidential election, DE
 2009 - UN climate change conference (COP 15), Copenhagen, DK
 2009 - Obama and Merkel at Buchenwald concentration camp memorial, DE
 2008 - UN climate change conference (COP 14), Poznań, PL
 2007 - G8 summit, Heiligendamm, DE
 2007 - Polish parliamentary elections, PL
 2006 - Pope Benedict’s post-inaugural homecoming tour, Bavaria, DE
 2005 - Auschwitz concentration camp liberation commemoration, PL
2004 - EU accession events, DE, PL, CZ
 2002-03 - Hostage takings (Iraqi embassy, public bus), Berlin, DE 
 2002 - German national elections, DE
 2002 - The flooding of Dresden, DE
 2000 - Concorde plane crash, Paris, FR
• 1998 - German trade mission to China, CN
• 1997 - Anti-nuclear protests, Gorleben, DE


Before the launch of DW News in 2015, I presented diverse news, talk and magazine formats with Deutsche Welle Television including Journal (news), Quadriga (international talk), European Journal (European affairs), People and Politics (German politics), Made in Germany (business), and Transatlantic (German-American relations). From the DW studios in Berlin I’ve anchored sustained live coverage of breaking news and milestone events around the world.


I have conducted televised interviews (face-to-face or via satellite) with hundreds of newsmakers and correspondents in dozens of countries. My interlocutors include government leaders, peace negotiators, global CEOs and scientific pioneers. 


German business and economic issues have figured prominently in my journalistic career. I’ve spent considerable time tracking developments in social market economics, fiscal policy and FDI. In the late 1990s I presented over 150 editions of DW-tv’s weekly business program Made in Germany  (corporate beat, frequent location work, special in China). 

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