Publications Overview

Freedom of Information

In 2014 I was asked by Germany’s Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information to speak at a national symposium in Berlin. My task was to compare - from my perspective as a journalist - the Freedom of Information cultures in Germany and the United States. Following the symposium, I was asked to adapt the text of my speech for publication. The article (in German) appears in the 2015 edition of Informationsfreiheit und Informationsrecht.

European Research

Since 2008 I have been working on communications initiatives connected to European research, focusing mainly on socio-economic issues and humanities. I have written scores of policy-oriented articles on the findings of EU-funded research projects. I have also authored numerous policy briefs and served as rapporteur at various high-level conferences (including the final proceedings of the EU’s Public Consultation on the Creation of the European Research Area). In 2010 I wrote Communicating Research for Evidence-based Policymaking, a practical guidebook published by the Research Directorate of the European Commission.

Current Affairs

From 1999 to 2003 I served as contributing editor and Germany correspondent for Europe Magazine, a transatlantic monthly aimed at US decision-makers. Following that I contributed to the foreign affairs magazine Transatlantic, launched by the Center for Transatlantic Relations at the Johns Hopkins University (Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies). In the 1990s I filed reports for a variety of news organization including United Press International (UPI).

Arts and Culture

My first professional assignment as a print journalist (in the 1980s) was commissioned by the North Carolina Arts Journal. I have since published articles in ArtVu, (ai) performance for the planet, Metropolis (Berlin) and written several culturally-themed ad supplements for The International Herald Tribune.

Foreign Investment

Every two months for nearly a decade through 2010 I wrote an FDI (foreign direct investment) newsletter for Germany's federal FDI agency. This publication was translated into multiple languages and distributed worldwide. I also penned feature articles, translated cabinet-level editorials and wrote several industry surveys.

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