I’m a Germany-based international journalist and moderator with extensive television experience. As a field reporter I’ve covered everything from violent protests and hostage takings to UN climate talks and G8 summits. In the studio I’m adept at handling breaking news. Every month I conduct scores of live interviews with newsmakers and correspondents around the world.

Focus on Europe  / Belfast, Sept 2019 
Full program @ https://p.dw.com/p/3QJ0b

Now a senior anchor with DW News (Deutsche Welle), I earned my stripes as a political correspondent, business reporter and talk host. I have anchored news at CNN International, served as Germany correspondent for Europe Magazine, filed reports for CBS Network Radio and worked for local and national affiliates of American public radio.

Committed to fact-based journalism, I devote part of my time to European research. I am frequently invited to host international panels for forums, think tanks and institutions.
My passion lies in fostering thoughtful discourse on matters of public concern.

Brexit trigger day, Trump kills climate, Yemen crisis
DW News - 
anchor clips - March 29, 2017

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